Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chris Weitz I'm Going to Kill You!!!

I can't believe he took over directing the New Moon Saga. I'm not sure what Summit was thinking!! The Golden Compass, Chris Wietz's, Weitz's, whatever, 'LIKE I GIVE A SHIT,' last movie, was a total FAIL. Why did they let him take over the Twilight Saga?
So I'm sure most of the people who love Twilight have already seen New Moon. I'm not really here to spoil anything for anyone I'm mostly just ranting on how crappy a job he did. I'm not going to lie, Twilight is cheesy, but Katherine Hardwick still did it successfully. Chris Weitz directed the film from the point of view of a guy who laughs at the books and thinks oh God, how gay is this? This is proven by the fact that there's a preview of the 4th film (sort of), where Alice talks about how she's seen the vision of Bella as a vampire in the you know how this was depicted?
Edward is running in a forest, and from the right side of the shot, Bella comes running out of a bunch of trees in a floaty chiffon empire waist dress and flushed cheeks and joins him. OK. Floaty Chiffon dress with flushed cheeks = vampire? SHUT UP!!!!!!!
Can we fire him now? Should we start a petition to get him kicked off as director? Why did anyone think this was a good idea? It's a chick book. Why would you get some douche bag to take over this?