Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Silent Hill Nurses

Aside from the unenviable Bloody Spider Veins on their legs, the nurses from silent hill are so unbelievably hot! It makes me understand why girls want fake boobs or wonderbras. How amazing would it be if Victoria Secret used these nurses for a Halloween ad campaign?

I normally stay away from horror imagery but thanks to my boyfriend and his obsession with it, I now find myself dreaming of being chased by zombies etc. The Silent Hill nurses are one of the "nicer" inspirations I've gotten from him. Now I am obsessed with finding latex white nurse costumes for Halloween. Thanks Hunny! (I'm being sarcastic)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Heavy Metal Magazine - Print Inspiration

I found this 3 pack of 1980's Heavy Metal Magazine at Half Price Books today.
The girl on the cover is the inspiration for Debbie Harry's Album Cover. The content is a bit gory for my taste but the cover art of the magazine is wonderful.