Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Supermarket Effect

I thought I'd write to inform everyone of a world wide epidemic that takes place. I haven't heard it from anyone else before so I am going to claim that I coined this term "supermarket effect."

supermarket effect (n.)-The effect in which a mediocre looking person becomes supremely good looking for lack of better specimens in immediate area, when you are at the supermarket and there are no cute guys/girls so you become infatuated with the average looking one and follow him around the aisles to see if he is in fact as cute as you think.

Usually, once you exit the supermarket and go to places where there are more cute guys/girls, you usually stop caring about that person...whereas, in the supermarket, if they reject you, it will hurt your feelings. What happens when you are perpetually stuck in the supermarket??


Here is an example, I will use a celebrity because it is easier to search.

Shane West

Ill. Ok. We all love a Walk to Remember, but watching that movie is like being in the supermarket. There is no one else that is cute, so you have to settle for thinking Shane West is hot because there is no fun in watching a chick flick love story with an ugly male lead....I guess he's not THAT ugly...but he's certainly not cute, at least not to me. Then that movie ends...and you're like aww he's so sweet....but then after a day, you remember that guys like this exist.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Then all of a sudden, the world seems like a brighter place. So I say to you girls, this applies to real life too, don't ever let one single guy make you fall into a pit of despair...he's probably just Shane West, and why would anyone go for Shane when they can go for Joseph.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Best Kind of Movie Dream Girl

Is the retarded pretty girl, no contest. Megan Fox? Whateverrrrr. Boring. I love Anna Faris!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Moon Werewolves vs. Twilight Werewolves

The La Push Werewolves have been recasted for New Moon!! They are hot but a little too hot maybe? The first two were really cute, skaters, which makes them even hotter. I'm not sure what to think.
A little info about the new wolves according to Life & Style magazine makes them seem even hotter. Alex, the one on the far left studied martial arts for 12 years and is a professional dancer (does this mean he's gay? because that one is hot), Bronson, the guy on the lower right hand corner plays football (whatever, I don't care about that), not sure who the hell Tyson is but apparently he's a skateboarder (super hot, I need to see what he looks like). Believe it or not, they are all actually of Native American descent which I'm glad they stuck to.
Native American guys...oh so dreamy. Maybe that should be part of my new boyfriend requirement LOL.