Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Moon Werewolves vs. Twilight Werewolves

The La Push Werewolves have been recasted for New Moon!! They are hot but a little too hot maybe? The first two were really cute, skaters, which makes them even hotter. I'm not sure what to think.
A little info about the new wolves according to Life & Style magazine makes them seem even hotter. Alex, the one on the far left studied martial arts for 12 years and is a professional dancer (does this mean he's gay? because that one is hot), Bronson, the guy on the lower right hand corner plays football (whatever, I don't care about that), not sure who the hell Tyson is but apparently he's a skateboarder (super hot, I need to see what he looks like). Believe it or not, they are all actually of Native American descent which I'm glad they stuck to.
Native American guys...oh so dreamy. Maybe that should be part of my new boyfriend requirement LOL.


  1. it should DEFINITELY BE the new boyfriend requirement. BUMP!!

  2. they're filming on the Vancouver islands for new moon! :D so close yet so farrr. maybe they'll swing by vancouver down town haha. more chance to bump into the cast. XD