Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'The Spacer' - copyright

I hereby claim the copyright on a new term I've coined: 'The Spacer'.

The Spacer is the guy that gives you courage to break up with the guy you've been in a long term relationship with that you have long fallen out of love with. He is never 'The One' but generally sticks around long enough for you to make sure you don't get back with your ex out of boredom and gives you space to be single before actually dating the next potential long term or the love of your life. He can also help you realize the things you don't want in a man so you can identify what you DO want.

Disclaimer: I am not saying this is courageous but it works for those girls who cannot be alone and needs someone to cushion the break-up.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Janet Jackson's Belly Chain

Janet Jackson - "Again"

The 90s has been back for a while but where are all the belly chains? I know there are body chains but the belly chains are more subtle and in the case of the Janet Jackson video it's just damn sexy. Let me translate, this photo is a still from the scene where she's laying on the bed in a cropped white halter top and partially unbuttons high-waisted jeans; her gorgeous boyfriend is rubbing her awesomely toned abs and slowly slides his hand down, then he slowly drags out this belly chain. IT'S SO HOT. I don't know if Janet's abs will ever look that way again, but I'm going to try because it's the only way I can ever be justified to sport a belly chain!