Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sexy Is...

I used to think sexy was about a look until my friend Teddy said, 'Let me give you an example of what sexy is. Look at Jay-Z, he is the ugliest mother****er I've ever seen but he's sexy! He knows how to treat a woman and is confidant in himself. That's why Beyonce is crazy about him.'
Well said, Teddy, well said! For a guy to be sexy doesn't necessarily mean he has to be the most handsome guy in the world (Although from first hand experience, it's possible to be both handsome and sexy). Knowing how to make a girl feel like a princess, doing things that are rare these days like always picking her up from her home and dropping her off, stocking her fridge with yogurt you know she likes, knowing you are wanted and not letting yourself be a doormat while still giving her what she wants...that's sexy! Live and learn boys! That's how you become a man!

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