Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fashion Videos are the New Books On Tape

This is not meant to be a good thing. I personally hate books on tape. It takes away my right to imagine and formulate my own opinion or story behind the picture. As much as I love Miu Miu...and assorted other brands who have decided to jump on this band wagon, does anyone else find it obnoxious?

It's like in America's Next Top Model when Tyra says you need to be a spokes person. NO, YOU DON'T. Models are not meant to talk. They are meant to look good and you only really need to use a photograph to capture a great moment in time. Videos spoil the romance.

I compare it to books on tape because I don't need some deep voiced british man, even if it is Ian Mckellan, to narrate Harry Potter for me. Really, I'd rather just imagine the voices myself because no matter how awesome Ian Mckellan is (Side note: Ian Mckellan doesn't actually do the Harry Potter Books on Tape, I am just giving this as an example cause it's some British guy who's doing the reading (look a parenthesis within a parenthesis! I have actually made another assumption. I may have listened to Harry Potter books on tape for a minute and don't actually remember whether or not the reader was British), he is not Hermione Granger,nor Professor McGonagall, MAYBE he's Professor Dumbledore, but that's it. No one else.

I doubt the fashion vids are going to stop anytime soon, as books on tape are still very popular, but just because ipads/iphones are in everyone's hand doesn't mean you have to make fashion videos for them. You can just do a really awesome slide show? LOL. Ok now I sound like a dinosaur who hates technology.

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