Monday, December 22, 2008


The article that accompanied this photo on had me scratching my head from confusion.
"Many Americans were outraged at the amount of attention paid to the
Narciso Rodriguez dress Michelle Obama wore on election night, as if all
that talk about her attire somehow trivialized the occasion. But we choose
to see Mrs. O's fashion risk-taking as a small but potent sign that the next
four (eight?) years won't be politics—or pantsuits—as usual."

Is it me or is this stupendously exaggerated? Were Americans REALLY outraged at this Narcisco Dress?? LOL. I mean come on, its just a knee length black dress with red glittery embellishment. If they were outraged at this, what would happen at the ice skating competitions? Would people throw their babies at the sight of Sasha whatever her last name is' swarovski crystalled power mesh number?

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