Sunday, December 21, 2008

What this Blog is about

This is NOT a blog to bitch about things or to be a bitch, although I will occasionally be bitch....particularly about the FUG girls.

"Not to be a bitch but...." is a phrase from Ja'mie from Summer Heights High. She uses it before she says things like "and Seriously, I don't want to be bitch....but she's like the fugliest girl I've met in my life." It's a joke. Don't take it personal.

Here's a link if you want to experience Ja'mie King's amazingness for yourself:

Aside from the random ranting, I like fashion so you will see a lot of it scattered about...and do not be surprised to see entries about chicken and waffle fries, banana pancakes, and assorted restaurant reviews.

Other things to know about me:

1. I enjoy Harry Potter books immensely. I intend to get my letter of acceptance to Hogwarts when I die and will start as a first year at age 90 although with wizardry, I will obviously be restored to youthful beauty. Also, instead of donning the traditional wizarding robes, I will wear Chanel wizarding robes.

2. I really like cute boys.

3. I love Chick flicks and ridiculously retardalicious movies like Kung-Pow.

4. My personality is shaped by Sailormoon, Stephen Chow movies, and Young Adult Vampire Romance Stories (I can't believe I haven't seen or read Twilight), 90s music, and my sister who's personality traits include: iron-palm, secret gangsterness, ass beating skills, and having lots of game, although I did not inherit any of the hardcoreness she posesses....I think the Sailormoonism destroyed it.

5. I am tired of writing for now so you'll get to know more about me if I don't get too lazy to ever update.

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