Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Neighbor Is Getting Cursed Tonight

The crazy bitch who lives next door flipped out today because she was cranky and feeling sick, probably because she's dying, and our dogs were supposedly barking and disturbing her rest. Well mom and I were out walking for exercise; we must maintain our slim and youthful physiques, and she ran over to furiously ring the doorbell that we weren't there to answer. My sister happens to come home at the time when this happens and she runs up to my sister and starts ramming her body into my sister's shoulder and screaming that my sister hit her. LOL. Then she proceeds to call the cops and say, "OMG she hit me! She's wearing high heels and blue jeans!!" Then she says, "You better watch out for your dogs!"

That's when I flipped out. I was ready to fuck a bitch up. We've already put a curse in place. Its just like that show "Bewitched," with the crazy retired neighbor who has nothing better to do all day than to freak out and spy on people. Yes, we are witches. Too bad its modern day so she can't have us burned. Besides, as per Harry Potter, real witches can't really be burned anyway. We mostly just work our cute magic and get away with everything. HEHE!

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