Monday, September 28, 2009


1. This is my 101th post! I've actually not gotten so incredibly bored that I've abandoned this website altogether. A few years ago, this website would have been neon pink and built with one of those aol geocity, computer illiterate website builders. The letters would have been turquoise LOL.

2. I have had a disgusting couple of days because of my crazy neighbor. I am now accomplished and very important woman after filing civil harrassment order against her, restricting her crazy saggy titted (sorry for the profanity but she deserves every bit of it) racist S.O.B ass from ever coming near me and my family again. BITCH. A thousand curses to you. I would love to curse her worse than any roman has ever cursed another.

3. Am making some sort of progress on summer project and have decided to reprogram unconscious brain to focus and still have fun.

4. I am a believer in hope and the fact that I am a magical being, not of this human world and have been placed here on a celestial mission which I am partially sure has to do with creating beauty (good clothing, accessories, etc..etc...) which in turn generates happiness in its consumer which she/he passes on and so on and so on. I feel like a saint, no blasphemy intended. hehe. I just feel good!

5. I am obsessed with Arcade Fire right now. "Wake Up" is my life!!! It makes me want to run through some flower infested woods!!! I'm such a free spirit LOL.

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