Thursday, May 28, 2009

Damn me for being stupid in 2005

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I totally crush on boys who wear Bape or BBC from head to toe, or it could be Charlotte and I's dorky crushes on Nigo and Pharrell...but I am desperately searching for this issue so I can sleep with it under my pillow and have sweet dreams.

Judging from the bold declarations on the cover, this issue is the perfect representation of everything currently in my life. Icons, hip hop, *BLING BLING!*, Pharrell and Nigo, Tokyo (summer trip for nails, Bape Cafe, hot guys, food, and fun with my girls!), Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel, TAKESHI KANESHIRO and Chiaki Kuriyama aka. Go Go from Kill Bill because every girl should know how to swing a spiked ball and chain and do karate.

As soon as I have a chance, I'm going to the CSM library to look it up and see if its worthy of my drooling.

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