Monday, May 4, 2009


SERIOUSLY? Coinciding with what I've been going through?? I'm soooo over it. Nas and Kelis, are filing for divorce...she's 7 months pregnant...obviously, he's a cheater. FUCK HIM. Kelis is so much cuter than that fat bastard. I will say this to you cheating bastards out there, all of you regret what you do afterwards. Those are some good women you are messing with....and as the asians say in Pineapple Express, "Prepare to suck the cock of Karma!"

I am rarely that vulgar but man this pissed me off so badly. Look at him being all gross and looking like an imbecile. FUCK YOU NAS, you cheating S.O.B. Kelis is too much woman for you anyway.

This is why I will never have a baby. I'd hate to be tied down to someone. If my man cheats on me, I will be the first one to walk off, preferably in Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spiked heels because they'd add to the drama and make you look ultra hot. Also, if you trip in them, maybe your next Knight in Shining Armor, or a prince, will rescue you.

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  1. Heartbroken! Whhhhhhy Nas? Why??? Is there no such thing as true love in this world anymore?