Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breakfast at Chanel

How amazing would it be if you were a pro-tennis player sponsored by Chanel?!!

Chanel PHONE.

Oh you are so hot. I'd love to carry you around and smack people with you. P.S. Yes that ugly writing on the bottom corner is mortifying, at least its a real bag. LOL. much more comfortable than shoulder bags. Sometimes kind of stupid looking when you run, but it'd be ok with this baby. Its like Stephanie in Full House used to say when she touched Uncle Jesse, "ZZZZZZZ Ouch!! The man is hot!!" That's what I'd say if I touched this bad boy.

I'm watching Breakfast at Tiffanys right now. I'd rather have Breakfast at Chanel so I decided to reward myself with a visual smorgasborg of Chanel goodness.

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