Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weiner's quote about Weiners

Today my sister (code name:Weiner) sent me an e-mail that made me LOL IRL (in real life). It included the quote "I wish I hadn't judged him by his small weiner....I really don't even care about weiners."


Although, a big "weiner" can also translate to you being a big dick, dickhead that is. Some guys just are. Seriously, I don't care about your size; don't tell me about it; don't talk to me about it; don't ask me to measure it.

There are things called divine equations/proportions in this world. I have a theory that the size of the penis can be directly proportional to what a dipshit a guy can be because one dumbass told them it was ok to act like one if he could make it up in size.

Here's to my sister! "I really don't even care about weiners" either!

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