Friday, June 26, 2009

Sharing a Birthday with Michael's Death

Its not necessarily a bad thing. We laughed; we mourned; we lip synced to 'Remember the Time'. Still, it was a damn good soiree. We love you Michael!!

The spread. Pink peonies, chocolate cake, tuna tartare, tea sandwiches, pico de gallo (sp?) with scallops and assorted goodies, love. LOL <3

Classic asian lucky cat pose.

Birthday Girl and Boy. We won't age anymore now because Michael's death has stopped time.

Self-timed Group photo. Self explanatory really. You can see how awesome we are. This is the future of fashion + a Hollywood starlet in the making.

Home girls, cousins, call us what you will. We're O.G and we will cut you.
Special thanks to my BFF Veronica for making pretty sandos and helping plan the party, Shaun Samson for being my birthmate, and all the other BFFs who celebrated with us and made the night as f'ing amazing as it was.
P.S. I'll admit, my outfit could have been a hell of a lot better but I didn't have time to shop. So sue me.

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